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Serpent arms patented PCP Air Gun Shot Shell Cartridge customized and designed to work in a stock AirForce Texan .50 caliber airgun. Empty cartridges come with snap caps and are "Ready to Load" by scooping them into the users preferred shot and capping cartridge by pressing caps on by hand. 

*Quantities are based off 10 cap/cartridge = 1 unit = $30.00


***Serpent Arms has no information of Custom 3D Printed Plastic Cartridges having a Negative Effect on other manufacturers airguns. Serpent Arms and its parent company Bullseye Industries maintain no responsibility for the use of their custom cartridges in purchaser and users airguns that are not manufactured by Serpent Arms.

.50 cal AirForce Texan Shot Shell Cartridge- 10 ct