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May 17, 2024 - YouTube Post

In 2024, the airgun revolution has made its way to Wisconsin. Dan Small, the host of Outdoors Radio, interviewed Joel Braun, the owner of Serpent Arms Air Guns, to discuss this exciting development. During the interview, Braun shared insights on how airguns are transforming the shooting sports landscape in Wisconsin. He highlighted the technological advancements that have made modern airguns more powerful and accurate, rivaling traditional firearms in many respects. The conversation also covered the various applications of airguns, from target shooting and hunting to recreational use. This interview sheds light on the growing popularity of airguns and their potential to revolutionize the way people engage in shooting sports in the state.


May 16, 2024 - Social Media Post

Serpent Arms owner Joel Braun dropped this turkey today from 14 yards out with our 550L sho*gun!. It was 19.8 lbs, with a 9.5 inch beard and 7/8 inch spurs. FANTASTIC JOB Joel! Now you're using SUPERIOR air power! Serpent Arms air POWER!



May 15, 2024 - Social Media Post

Dan Small of Dan Small's Outdoor Radio dropped this turkey from 30 yards out with our 550L sho*gun!. It was 22.5 lbs, with an 11 inch beard and 1.25 inch spurs. FANTASTIC JOB Dan! Now you're using SUPERIOR air power! Serpent Arms air POWER!


May 13, 2024 - Social Media Post

This is what customer Matthew Kecker had to say about our 28 gauge, "I'm just hanging out, waiting on a jellyhead. I like the bronze matte finish on the @serpentarms. It blends into its natural habitat." We think the look of the finish is pretty special as well. Thanks again for the shout out!


May 8, 2024 - Social Media Post

UpNorth AirGunner came to Wisconsin to partake in a little turkey hunting. This is what he had to say, "When in Wisconsin... The Serpent Arms 28 gauge Airgun shotgun made right here in the Badger State! Slinging TSS #9s at 1000FPS! Serpent Arms is the manufacturer of those prototype FX Redback shotgun shells and they make them for quite a few other big bore airguns. Check them out!"


May 8, 2024 - Social Media Post

Lethal Air airgun hunters posted the shot below. This is what they had to say, "Who else loves foggy spring mornings and that infamous gobbling sound? Check out these new lightweight air shotguns from @serpentarms."

Lethal_Air with Our Shotgun.jpg


May 4, 2024 - YouTube Review

The Airgun Alley Miami YouTube channel reviewed our 28 gauge pcp shotgun. Watch the video below to find out what they thought about it.


May 3, 2024 - Social Media Post

Jessica Braun had a GREAT day last week Friday when she dropped a Tom turkey with our 28 gauge sho*gun!. Now you're using SUPERIOR air power! Serpent Arms air POWER!

Jessica Braun Turkey Hunt 1.jpg
Jessica Braun Turkey Hunt 2.jpg
Jessica Braun Turkey Hunt 3.jpg


May 3, 2024 - Social Media Post

Watch as Serpent Arms Air Guns founder Joel Braun drops a Tom Turkey during hunting season at 7 yards in Wisconsin using his very own 28 gauge shotgun. 


April 29, 2024 - Social Media Post

UpNorth AirGunner and Serpent Arms are collaborating on something special. Stay Tuned!


April 26, 2024 - Website Announcement

Serpent Arms is fully stocked with 28 gauge's that are ready to ship to you now! Order yours today!


April 24, 2024 - Social Media Post

Look what customer Matthew Kecker dropped with our 28 gauge air shotgun.

Customer Matthew Kecker Squirrel Drop.jpg


April 24, 2024 - TV & Radio Personality Visit

Serpent Arms was paid a visit at our test range by TV and radio personality Dan Small from Outdoor Wisconsin, Deer Hunt Wisconsin and Dan Small's Outdoors Radio to film a segment for his show.


April 23, 2024 - Social Media Post

Team Serpent Arms would like to congratulate Luke Braun on his successful Wisconsin Period A Turkey Hunt with our 28 gauge Air Shotgun using 1 oz. of TSS #6 shot. Here's what he had to say, "Big turkey down! 25.5 lbs, 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. Got him this morning at 5:51 at 15 yards. First bird with the Serpent arms 28 gauge and dropped him in his tracks!!" Thank you for sharing Luke, now your using SUPERIOR AIR POWER! Serpent Arms Air Power!

Luke Braun #2.jpg
Luke Braun #3.jpg


April 19, 2024 - Social Media Post

Matthew Kecker shared this video of youth turkey hunting in Wisconsin. This is what he had to say, "Bird movement was slow so the youngest tried her hand at calling. Not too bad for her first time. Keep them engaged, and they will want to be there. We left youth season without getting a shot, but we had fun and enjoyed being in the woods on such a beautiful weekend.". 

Team Serpent Arms is happy to see you spending quality time with your daughters and teaching them how to hunt responsibly. That Serpent Arms 28 gauge air shotgun doesn't look too bad either.


April 18, 2024 - Social Media Post

Team Serpent Arms would like to thank customer Robert Lane for his kind words about our 28 gauge air shotgun, "Serpent Arms want to thank you for the quick turnaround on the gun. It allowed me just enough time to run down to the border before my trip, and close the deal on a Rio I nicknamed Uno. 26 yards, and just an FYI, #9 TSS has plenty energy to drop them in their tracks. I did add buffer to the load, and it patterns beautifully."



April 18, 2024 - Social Media Post

Serpent Arms Founder Joel Braun shared a photo of himself patiently waiting in the brush with his trusty Serpent Arms 28 gauge air shotgun


April 17, 2024 - Social Media Post

It looks like Lethal Air airgun hunters is ready for turkey hunting season by using our 28 gauge air shotgun with our custom TSS shot cartridges.

Lethal Air on Facebook, click HERE

Lethal Air Website, click HERE



March 31, 2024 - YouTube Review

The Airgun Channel reviewed our 28 guage shotgun. Watch the video below to see how it was rated.

Subscribe to the Airgun Channel by clicking HERE.


Order our 28 guage shotgun by clicking HERE.


March 29, 2024 - Social Media Post

UpNorth Airgunner is preparing for turkey season. In this short clip he's gathering all his essential gear for the hunt, which includes our 28 guage shotgun and shells (to watch the video click HERE or the picture below).


Connect with UpNorth Airgunner by website (HERE), Facebook (HERE) and YouTube (HERE).



March 14, 2024 - Hunting News

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers today took action on 15 bills, including Senate Bill 586, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 115:

  • Allows for a person to hunt a wild animal with an airgun in a season open to hunting that animal with a firearm; and  

  • Defines airgun to mean a weapon originally manufactured to expel one or more metal projectiles by the expansion of compressed air.



January 23, 2024 - Magazine Review

Review of our 28 gauge shotgun in the November/December issue of SCI.



December 24, 2023 - YouTube Review

Michigan Airgunner goes squirrel hunting with our 28 gauge shotgun.


November 9, 2023 - YouTube Review

Michigan Airgunner reviews our 28 gauge shotgun.

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